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Coron, Palawan

Here are some great places to visit around Coron, Palawan.

We rented a private boat tour through Calamian Tourist Boat Association

The destinations we visited around Coron:

  • Kayangan lake

  • Twin Lagoon

  • Buwukalen Beach

  • Luluyuan Lake (Barracuda Lake)


El Nido

I bet you can't watch this without saying "WOW" - these places are amazing.

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines is known for attracting many tourists, but it definitely makes sense since the surrounding areas are EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL!

If you plan on going to the Philippines, I would recommend adding this to your destination list.

How much does an average day of adventure cost in the Philippines?

In this video we calculate the total expenses for the day and we visit some really cool places near El Nido including:

  • Nagkalit Waterfall

  • Nacpan Beach

  • Duli Beach

During my second trip to the Philippines in 2019, I kick things off again in El Nido!

Of course, you should take an island hopping tour on a boat, but there are also some really fun things to do on land including:

  • Zip line near Las Cabanas Beach

  • Rent a scooter

  • Nacpan Beach

  • Eat some crocodile sisig

If you're looking for a nice place to stay, I highly recommend RC Villas and Resort. The staff is so friendly and the location is perfect - just outside of the main town so it's much quieter and relaxing, but still really close everything. Message them on Facebook and tell them Steve Yalo sent you!


Port Barton

Port Barton is a beautiful little beach town with the perfect mix of tourism and local life. This is much different from the other popular destinations in Palawan like Coron and El Nido.

There are much fewer people and the overall vibe is way more chill. While there are not as many immense limestone cliffs in the sea like in El Nido and Coron, Port Barton still offers amazing island hopping boat tours which will be featured in my next vlog.

I really enjoy how the town isn't completely dedicated to tourism. There is a school in the middle of town, so on any given weekday there will be children walking to and from class and they all seem so independent and happy. The people are friendly, the nature is beautiful, and the food is delicious.

It's a great place to visit. Port Barton should definitely be on your destination list if you're traveling around the Philippines.

Welcome to Port Barton!

The island hopping boat tours are incredible and a bit more chilled since you spend less time actually driving on a boat and more time at each spot because the locations are closer together compared to El Nido.



Welcome to Boracay Island, Philippines! In this travel vlog, we explore Boracay and share our honest opinions of the popular Philippines tourist destination.

In 2018, Boracay was labeled a cesspool by President Duterte and shut down for 6 months.

Boracay is one of the most popular places for tourism in the Philippines, so we wanted to visit and see what the new Boracay is like after rehabilitation.

I made this video filled with travel tips to act as a Boracay travel guide with things to do and places to visit.


indigenous Ati tribe

This is the unseen side of Boracay that tourists never get to see. Outside of the resorts and hotels on the white sand beaches, there are the indigenous people known as the Ati tribe. We had the privilege of visiting a local Ati village in Caticlan (the mainland near Boracay). This is the story of how we were able to experience this.


Apo Island

Apo Island, Philippines - here's an amazing island you need to visit if you go to the Philippines!

Travel advice and how to get here all included in this video.



Here are some fun things to do on Siquijor Island, Philippines.

In order of the places we visited:

  1. Cambugahay Falls - I recommend going early before a lot of people get there.

  2. St Isidore de Labrador Church

  3. Secret beach (That’s not the real name of it… it’s literally just a secret beach. Ask Chris at Lazy Lizard Hostel for directions if you want to go here. It’s a nice spot… but it’s not the best beach since it’s not really sand, just dead coral. It’s definitely an adventure to get there since it’s way off the main road and you need to ride through the jungle for a while. I think the journey getting there was actually more exciting than the destination itself.

  4. Paradise Bay - I don’t think we went to the right place because the spot we ended up was not really much of paradise at all. I wasn’t in charge of directions so I blame that on the girls :) I just googled "Paradise Bay" and photos show a place much different haha

  5. Coco Grove - There’s a place to swim and pay a small fee to snorkel. I met someone who said it was really nice to snorkel there. We didn't snorkel, but we ended up just relaxing at the Resort which was very beautiful… and if you just act confident, no-one will care that you use the facilities ;) (You can park your bike on the side of the resort. You'll see other bikes parked there. Then you can walk around and enter the resort from the beach.)

  6. Lugnason Falls + Zodiac Falls - Highly recommend visiting these beautiful falls. Again, to beat the crowd, it’s best to go about an hour and a half before sunset which will give you enough time to explore and there probably won’t be many people.

  7. Salagdoong Beach - This is a popular place for tourists and local families. Weekends are usually much more crowded since it’s a public beach and many local families come for BBQs. Overall, it was a nice spot to swim and relax. The waterslide wasn't operational when I was there but are some platforms you can use for cliff jumping.



Welcome to Siargao Island in the Philippines.

In this vlog, we travel around the island on scooters and visit Tayangban cave and Magpupungko tide rock pools.

We also stop in the town of Pilar where we meet some friendly locals and have lunch at J-Kat restaurant.

While we only showed a few things to do in Siargao in this video, we spent 3 weeks in Siargao so you can expect a few more videos showcasing this beautiful island and the surrounding areas very soon.

In this travel vlog, we recap some fun adventures around the island of Siargao in the Philippines.

We did all these tours with Kermit Siargao

This island in the Philippines is beautiful! We took a day trip here from Siargao.

Corregidor Island is not far from Siargao and you can hire a boat to take you here for the day.

In this travel vlog, we explore Siargao island with Carson AKA Caloy AKA Bisayang Hilaw and Zowie!

We start our day learning how to wakeboard at Siargao Wake Park, then we encounter some trouble trying to find a secret local rope swing. Luckily some local Filipinos saved us!



Bohol is a beautiful island in the Philippines. Instead of joining an organized tour, I rented a motorbike and spent the day exploring the area by myself. There were a few places I wanted to visit like the famous Chocolate Hills, the manmade forest and Danao Adventure Park for the Plunge.... but I didn't make it to all of them due to some unforeseen circumstances.

In the end, it was a great day meeting some very nice Filipino locals. It's always best to interact and get to know the locals... especially in the Philippines. Everyone is SO nice here. I love it!


sinulog festival 2019 (Cebu)

Pit Señor! Sinulog is AMAZING! I'm so glad I was able to experience this festival filled with colors, dancing, and lots of energy!

By the way, I didn't explain this in my video, so I'll do it here. For anyone who doesn't know what "Pit Señor" means (you've probably heard it many times in this video) that's the common exclamation and how people greet each other during Sinulog. “Pit Señor” is the short form of “Sangpit sa Señor,” a phrase in Cebuano that means, “to call, ask, and plead to the king.”


Dinagyang Festival 2019 (Iloilo City)

Dinagyang festival is an amazing experience. Thanks to all the local Illongo people who were so friendly and made us feel welcome. The dancing was incredible and the music was extraordinary.

Dinagyang happens every 4th Sunday in January (the weekend following Sinulog).



Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan in Rizal, Philippines.

TRAVEL TIPS: It's definitely worth getting here nice and early for a morning hike to see the sunrise at the peak. My group met at 12am at MOA and arrived at the jumpoff point (Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal) at 3:30am.

I joined a larger group so we organized a private van for transportation, but you can also find passenger vans going to Montalban Rizal in Cubao (in front of Jolibee Farmers Plaza branch or in front of Gateway Mall).

Price is 50 pesos per person.

Tricycle service to Sitio Wawa (jumpoff point) is available 24/7 and costs 60 pesos for up to 4 people.

Guide Fee = 500 pesos per group up to 5 people per mountain.

Registration Fee = 30 pesos

I recommend wearing gloves as there are some sharp rocks near the peaks of them mountains. You can buy gloves near the registration are for 50 pesos.

Definitely bring a large bottle of water with you.

Contact Numbers:

+639493956589 (Emman, guide)

+639473868778 (Ogie, guide)

+639983266559 (Richard Salina, guide)

+639072395042 (Ronnie, guide)

+639295497211 (Joni, Barangay Wawa Official)

Hope this info helps!