East Java travel guide


surabaya to lumajang

In this vlog series, we will be traveling around East Java, Indonesia and taking you along for the journey.

We learned A LOT about East Java and we're excited to share some tips and tricks.

Starting in Surabaya, in the episode we travel to the region of Lumajang and explore the area around here.

Tumpak Sewu is the enormous waterfall that is well known in this area of East Java. We originally came here to visit this first, but we end up rafting down a crazy river and having a fun day exploring some other beautiful places.

We stayed at "Dear Traveller Guest House" and we had a very pleasant stay here. The owner and employees are very welcoming and friendly.


Tumpak sewu waterfall

Exploring East Java - Ep 2: Tumpak Sewu

In this episode, we focus on Tumpak Sewu waterfall. This has been called by many people as "Indonesia's Best Waterfall". Obviously, that's just an opinion, but this place sure is incredible!

Tumpak Sewu is a massive artwork of nature, but that's not the only waterfall in this area. At the base, it's also very close to a set of falls called Goa Tetes.


Mt Bromo volcano

Thinking about going to Mount Bromo Volcano in East Java, Indonesia? Watch this video first!

Gunung Bromo is a must-visit location for anyone traveling around East Java, Indonesia.

This travel guide vlog reviews some insightful tips and tricks to help you get the most of your visit to Mt Bromo Volcano.

In this video, we review the best time to visit Gunung Bromo, the different options and prices for tours and more travel tips for Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

If you want to rent a motorbike as we did in Probolinggo, here's the guy's number we rented it from: +62 813-7324-2198 (WhatsApp)


Madakaripura Waterfall

Madakaripura Waterfall AKA Air terjun Madakaripura is the tallest waterfall on the island of Java and the second tallest in all of Indonesia. This video is filled with tips and tricks to get the most of your trip here.

We made some silly mistakes and learned about some simple scams that you can easily avoid.

I recommend visiting Madakaripura Waterfall and Mount Bromo Volcano in the same day.

First get to Bromo volcano for sunrise, then visit Madakaripura after that.